Abegede Alphabet Names


A ^ Alf (Alfa)
B ^ Bet, beta
G ^ Gamiel
D ^ Dalieth, dieliet
H ^ Hie
W ^ Waw
Z ^ Zay
” ^ Hiet
U ^ Thiet
Y ^ Yod
K ^ Kaf
L ^ Lamied, lam
M ^ Mim, miem
N ^ Non (nun)
> ^ Samkiet
} ^ Ayn (ie)
F ^ Fie
I ^ Dadie
Q ^ Qof
R ^ Ries
S ^ San
T ^ Ta
: ^ Ha
? ^
{ ^
P ^

Abegede Alphabet  Names

According to Abba Tesfa Sellassie Moges, the Ethiopian alphabet is the source for most of the alphabets in the world, and the mother of civilization. The ancient Ethiopian Sabaâ of 5340 B.C. was improved for the second time to Abegedie by 4250 B.C. 

According to Aleqa Kidane Wolde Tekle the Abegede was numeric in that the characters also represented numbers and A was one, B was two, etc..


  A, B, G, D, H, W, Z, H, Th, Yabgdhwzh

 K, L, M, N, S, A, F, Ts, Q, R

S, T, H, Ts, Ph, P

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