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GeezEdit Amharic Typing Help

Click somewhere on the screen to start typing.

Single keystrokes type the default sixth order Amharic characters. Example: striking "tmhrt" types "ትምህርት". These default characters have sounds similar to those of the English default keys. The default Ethiopic keyboard is at the bottom half of the screen.

Click on "Help" and then "Amharic Keystrokes" for help on how to type. Click on the "X" at the top right corner to close the pop-up window.

The first order characters are typed while holding down the "Shift" key. For instance, "Shift h" types "ሀ". "ሀ" is the name of the Ethiopic key and is typed with the "Shift" key depressed just like the Latin "H" key name. Every one of the primary Ethiopic character has its own key and key name just like the "A" to "Z" assignment of the keyboard for English.

Each one of the 34 primary Amharic characters "ሀ" to "ፐ" ("he" to "pe") has its own key name and assignment on the computer keyboard just like the "A" to "Z" English capital letters key assignments and key names.

The second, third, fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth order characters (or vowels) are typed with the default followed by "u". "i", "a", "e", "o" and "\" respectively. Example: "hu" types "ሁ", "hi" types "ሂ", "ha" types "ሃ", "he" types "ሄ", "ho" types "ሆ" and finally "h\" types "ኋ".

The Ethiopic characters with only five vowel forms are typed with the symbol keys. Example: "q/", "q[", "q.", "q;" and "q]" type "ቈ", "ቊ", "ቋ", "ቌ" and "ቍ" respectively.

The Ethiopic symbols '፡", "፣", "።" "$", "፠", "፤", "፥", "፦", "፧" and "፨" are typed with the shift key and the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0 respectively.

The Ethiopic numbers "፩", "፪", "፫", "፬", "፭", "፮", "፯", "፰", "፱" and "º" are typed with the period key and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0 English keys respectively.

The Ethiopic numbers "፲", "፳", "፴", ፵", "፶", "፷", "፸", "፹", ፺" and "፻" are typed with the comma key and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0 English keys respectively.

If the default is not to be changed by a vowel, strike the "apostrophe" key. Examples: "u'" or "u apostrophe" gives "ሥ" while "uu" types "ሡ" within a specified time limit. "እእ" is typed with only two keystrokes by striking the "A" key twice; not with four or more keystrokes.

To mix English with the Geez, click on "Alphabets" and select "Latin". Optionally, to use the Latin symbols with the Geez keyboard, just double strike them. Example : "Comma Comma" types "Comma", "Comma Minus" types "<", "Tilde 2" types "@", etc..

To copy a document click on "Edit", "Select All" and then "Copy". To paste the document, open "Notepad"  from "Start", "Programs", then "Accessories" and "Notepad". Click on "Edit" of the "Notepad Untitled" and then "Paste"" or "Paste" with the right mouse click. "Save" the document in Notepad by selecting "UTF-8" from "Encoding".

When finished with the typing or editing in Ethiopic, copy and paste into your e-mail program, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, Facebook, etc.. If boxes appear instead of Geez, download one of the free Ethiopic Unicode fonts, install or copy it to Windows/Fonts and restart the computer, if necessary.

To edit a document, just copy and paste to this GeezEdit Page. Example: Copy the web page from the following link and paste it to the GeezEdit document page by clicking on the screen with the right mouse and selecting "Paste"Q and A with Dr. Aberra Molla in Amharic.

Enjoy the simplicity of the new technology while sparing your time and fingers and from now on you don't have to use three to six keystrokes to type any Ethiopic glyph. One types the default Ethiopic with one keystroke each and the rest (more than 500 glyphs) with a maximum of two keystrokes each virtually similar to typing the English alphabet on computers. (Don't be fooled by those who push our old two-keystroke typing of the 80's as something new or those who think you type alphabets only with the "A" to "Z" keys and try to teach you how to spell and type Geez alphabet in English.) See our  Ethiopic.com web site to read more about our ModEth, EthioWord, etc..

This Online GeezEdit Page is to give Ethiopians and Ethiopic users the power to type in Amharic on the internet for free in Windows and Mac platforms. We intend to add more characters. Our commercial version, GeezEdit Version 2.0, is more sophisticated and powerful and the more than 563 Ethiopic glyphs are typed the same way in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. This pending-patent protected system is for rendering Ethiopic and other language glyphs in numerous Unicode compliant applications. We recommend you buy it. For more information click on "Order", "Order GeezEdit" from www.ethiopic.com or click on the following link: https://ethiopic.com


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