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GeezEdit 2.0

This new, simple and fast application, GeezEdit 2.0, is for typing in Amharic and other Ethiopic-user languages in Microsoft Word and many other Windows programs. It works in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8. Make your life easy using a new patented and patent pending technology by typing 47 characters with one key and the rest, more than 500, with two keystrokes each at most. Type less, smarter and faster with Ethiopic. The package includes GeezEdit and its English and Ethiopic GeezEdit Unicode font.

The price is $49.00 and shipping and handling in the USA is $6.00. If you want to buy with credit card click on the "Buy Now" link on the left. If you want to send a check or money order please mail it to the address below. Either way you will receive a key from Ethiopian Computer & Software to activate and use the software.

To contact us e-mail: Geezedit@aol.com or Ethiopian@aol.com, or call 303-835-8025 or 303-726-3125.

Amharic and Geez Typing Made Easy, With New Software ዓማርኛና ግዕዝ በቀላሉ ለመክተብ፣ግዕዝኤዲት 2.0

GeezEdit Features:

  • Typing is very simple using one keystroke for the default and the rest with a maximum of two keystrokes each, just like typing in English.
  • Typing is based on science. For instance, Amharic uses the sixth order characters the most and each is typed with a keystroke.
  • Each computer key has its own Ethiopic name, just like the English key name.
  • Key assignment is based on potential number of users.
  • It was invented by people with over 25 years of experience with Geez on computers.
  • It is based on a new, simple and fast computer technology protected by pending patents and U.S. Patent 9,000,957..
  • It is for use in any Unicode compliant application with conventional typing methods where default characters are typed with one keystroke each just like English. Controlled timeouts allow the typing of two default characters with two keystrokes while any glyph can be doubled with two keystrokes or typed with a maximum of two keystrokes. Thus, there is no need to settle for typing tools that do not type all the characters. There is also no need to toggle through three characters, or type by inserting spaces and leave them within words or remove them with delete keys after using arrows or type the Ethiopic in English spelling and transliterate on pressing the space bar or use the mouse to select words from a list, or mouse click on characters to type them.
  • GeezEdit is the second of three applications with the same novel rendering technology for Windows and Mac computers.
  • It eliminates the need to remember redundant Ethiopic character series (ሞክሼ) and their random usage.
  • It expanded the option to avoid redundant Amharic characters to other relevant languages.
  • The typing of different language glyphs is optionally accessed by a drop-down menu so that an Amharic typist would have only the Amharic character sets and keyboards. Keys not used by the Amharic (or any of the other languages) revert to English.
  • The general layout is similar to ModEth, EthioWord and other applications by ECS known to thousands of users.
  • The typing speed is adjustable to control the expanded keyboards and typing is conventional just like English eliminating the use of unconventional keys such as space bar, mouse, arrows, delete keys, etc. for typing Geez glyphs.
  • There is no need to spell Ethiopic in English to render it on computers. This is because Ethiopic is a syllabic alphabet; not words. The current methods are based on futile political decisions besieged with numerous issues ignored because there were no solutions so far. Our scientific invention expanded the keyboard also eliminating the limitations of the English alphabet that invites spelling errors, the type that is alien to Ethiopic. ABSHA system is simple and all the user has to remember is the usage of the of vowels and keys used as vowels as Ethiopic orders with the optional use of the keyboard pictures that appear on the screen showing the 37 Ethiopic primary characters that have been assigned to the 37 computer keys.
  • In one observation seven difficult Amharic words (ሐመር, ኋይት ሃውስ,ሦስት, ቋንቋ, ትዕግሥት and ጨካኝ) with 24 glyphs were typed with an average of 53 keystrokes by two software while the third had issues typing one word. GeezEdit types these same 24 glyphs with 32 to 34 keystrokes which drastically simplifies the typing process and saves time also because its presentation is easily understandable by Ethiopic users.
  • Spare your time and fingers and from now on there is no need to use three or more keystrokes to type any Ethiopic glyph. For instance, "እእ" is typed with two keystrokes of the "አ" key; not with four or more keystrokes. ABSHA is close to typing the English on computers with one keystroke each for the default and two keystrokes for the capitals and symbols in the shifted positions. The English glyphs on the computer keys are typed with 141 (2x47+47) keystrokes. With this novel technology the 564 Ethiopic glyphs are typed with 1081 (2x517+47) keystrokes. Using more than 1081 keystrokes is not an advantage. Even one more keystroke is a large number for the millions of users.
  • Amharic comprises about two thirds of the Ethiopic glyphs and is the most important character set currently typed with many keystrokes by others. We hear less about the other minority language glyphs most likely because of the need to use up to 8 keystrokes and the potential for resentment. Ethiopic got into all these problems because Ethiopia did not have a patent system at the time Ethiopic was computerized and each character was rendered with two keystrokes. There is now a patent and pending patent. ABSHA eliminates these through fairness and equality of keystrokes as each Ethiopic glyph is typed with one or two keystrokes. Type less, do your job smarter and surf the web faster in Ethiopic.

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